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Real Estate Investment


An-Nur Co-op provides short-term and long-term, relatively secure and stable, interest free investment opportunities to our community members, on which the profit will only be from Sharia'h permissible sources of income. We are trying to mobilize community funds for investing in community related investment projects. These investments can be made directly in the project or in An-Nur shares. Real estate investment provides security, Halal and above market return and opportunities for growth and diversification.


An-Nur Co-op offers two classes of share ownership

Real Estate Investment

Membership Shares

( a limited number of shares will be offered soon)

Membership shares are voting shares and therefore, An-Nur Co-op expects certain commitment from prospective members. In addition to the application submission, prospective members are required to pay a one-time membership fee of $100.00 and invest at least $1,000.00 initially, as well as agreeing to purchase a minimum of ten shares of $100.00 each, per year. Active participation in An-Nur Co-op's activities, as and when necessary, is also required.

Preferred Shares (Investment Shares - Non-Voting)

Becoming a preferred shareholder (investor) is simple and straightforward, involving only the application submission and a one-time registration fee of $25.00 (for single investors), $40.00 (for a family), or $10.00 (separate account on behalf of a minor). In addition, investors need to purchase a minimum of five investment shares of $100.00 each. Beyond the minimum requirement, shares may be purchased in any amount and with any frequency you like.
Though preferred shares are non-voting, preferred shareholders are eligible for a dividend and for An-Nur Co-op's Home Purchase Plan and other services, as applicable.
An-Nur Co-op makes every effort to minimize administrative costs and expenses and maximize return for our shareholders. Shareholders have an option to either invest on a long-term basis (two years or more) or for a short-term of less than two years. The shares are redeemable with prior notice (with certain restrictions).



  • Multiple investment types: Nur-Coop is housing and housing development co-operative rather than strictly housing co-operative, therefore other housing real estate investments can be considered.
  • Portfolio diversification: An-Nur Co-op plans to have a diversified portfolio in order to minimize risk and maximize profit and growth of investment. Our scope of investment is broad (land, building, homes - secured commercial and business investment through a related corporation)
  • Full disclosure: An-Nur Co-op offers a full, transparent disclosure and provides investment statements.
  • Above market rate of return: An-Nur Co-op distributes stock dividend, (dividend is calculated on a monthly basis) at the year end.  Our dividend is certainly more than the market rate.


Dividends Announced Previously

Dividend Year
Annual Average of 6%








  • Secure investments: An-Nur Co-op invests in residential homes & related Real Estate projects. It is anticipated that fluctuations in short-term real estate value do not have significant effects over a long period of time, Insha’Allah.
  • Low risk: An-Nur Co-op purchases properties when sufficient funds become available. Risk to investors is reduced because real estate is considered relatively safe investment.
  • Shariah governed process: An-Nur Co-op follows Sharia’h compliant processes in its investment and financing operations.



  • A major real estate project which is a commercial and industrial condominium is almost complete.
  • Another two major residential real estate projects are in progress. The land has been purchased (through a related corporation) & the zoning change process has been completed.
  • A low-rise condominium project investment (through another related corporation) has been finalized recently; with location near University of Toronto’s Erindale Campus, Mississauga.  The Condo Units are planned to have Heritage type of Design, with semi luxury construction & finishing features.  

For Preferred Shares  (i.e., Becoming an Investor):


1.      Fill out an application form, which can be found on our website: Memebrship Application Form (PDF)

2.      Pay a one time registration fee of $25 ($40 for a couple);

3.      Purchase a minimum of Five Preferred shares of $100 each (non-voting shares) for a total sum of $525.00.

4.      Invest as much as you like thereafter.


Dividends are declared on an annual basis but calculated on a monthly basis.